Back From Hiatus: New House Ate My Free Time

Hey there, my name is Douglas. In a previous life I wrote on this blog with great frequency. And then more than a month passed with nothing produced by my fingertips. I have a good excuse for that. I bought a house and then moved my belongings, a dog, and a couple living human bodies into the house (the bodies are Deana’s and my own). And then I needed to buy a bunch of furniture and get cable installed. So — that explains about two weeks of my absence. The other half of my sabattical I don’t really have anything good to offer than I got lazy after my writing habit was interrupted. This post serves as the kickoff of the new, more productive habit of writing once again.

So, buying a house. It’s not fun. For those of you who have never had the privelage let me break it down for you. Buying a house revolves around two parties being as obnoxious and selfish as possible and then paying middlemen to serve as a go between so you don’t have to be embarrased for treating someone else lesser than you would if you actually had to look them in the eyes. It’s dumb but the good thing is that you end up with a house you like when it’s all said and done.

And Deana and I do like our house. In fact, I’d say we love it. But getting there was hard. We probably looked at 25 houses over a 10 day span silently freaking out that we’d never be able to find a house within the small timeframe we were working inside. We put in an offer on one house we liked only to be strung along by the owners. After waiting patiently for 4 days we had to tell them to go suck on an egg after they countered with a crappy offer. I also wished a curse upon the mustaches of everyone involved on that side of the negotiating table (most likely they didn’t have a mustache so I’m sure they are okay). We realized we weren’t really in love with any of our backup options so we had to go back to the drawing board. On the last night of our search with only two houses left to see we finally came across the house “we could imagine ourselves living in”. It was perfect. It had a roof, a floor, and there were even walls. We couldn’t believe how lucky we were to find a house with all of these features so we put in an offer and then went back to slowly dying on the inside waiting for an answer. After a few days, they accepted and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.

Sorry I didn’t write about everything until now. The stress of it all was kind of killing my creativity and it’s hard to post stuff to the internet without the internet. But I’m back now and when I’m not cutting giant weeds out of my backyard with drywall saws (you’d be surprised how many things you can use a drywall saw on) you’ll find me here again posting away.

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    Love to see pics. Hope the 2 of you will be content for awhile. Have your father in law help he’s a great handyman.

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