BYU vs West Virginia


Game 3 is finally upon us with this week’s matchup taking place between the 1-2 BYU Cougars and 2-0 WVU Mountaineers. Annoyingly, the game will be taking place at FedEx field. Why? Who cares — there is no good reason for it.

There is a saying that “stats don’t lie”. I’ve never believed that, but if you’re still on the fence of that philosophical debate take a look at Skyler Howard. His numbers always look above average at the end of a game, but his effectiveness at the small things in crucial situations always leaves a lot to be desired (I believe I’ve made that point at least 400 times over the years, but sadly it’s as true as ever). Let’s hope a bye week to prepare for this game and extra time to heal up from injury makes a difference. Besides consistent decision making, I’d like to see a little more precision in the red zone. Taking 6 points when you get the opportunity is of utmost importance as we start transitioning into Big 12 play next week.

On the defensive side of the ball this matchup against the Cougars offense provides a good tuneup for the pass defense. You can be certain BYU is going to chuck it, but who knows how much accuracy will be on display. After 3 games QB Taysom Hill has only completed 58% of his passes for 2 TD’s and 4 INT’s. My guess is he feels insecure about his awful first name and can’t concentrate after hearing it called over the loud speaker but one can never be sure. He might just suck.

Long story short. It’ll be a tight game, but one that WVU stays in control of to pull out a tight win on neutral turf.

Let’s go Mountaineers!


WVU 32 BYU 26