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If I’ve been down this road before I apologize, but after a month of staring down the same scenery I’m taking this turn so I can look at something different. When I was younger it used to grate my nerves when people would get sad about a celebrity dying. Why get sad about someone you’ve […]

My Antidepressant

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This blog exists in large part because I’ve always wanted to write this post. It’s important to me. And because it’s important, I’ve always held off writing because I  find it incredibly difficult to say what I want when I’m talking about something that means so much. In this case it’s not a something I […]

How Did I Know I Was Depressed?

About a year and half ago I started a totally different blog with the intent of writing about my trails and tribulations with depression. There was one post written on the topic and absolutely nothing to follow. I felt bad about leaving it hanging there, but I just didn’t have it in me to go back and revisit […]