Chiefs vs Steelers

There seems to be a theme going on with my favorite football teams opponents this weekend. Yesterday, it was with WVU and today it shows up with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both of these teams found themselves matched up against opponents that are far from flashy but never beat themselves. I guess the good news is that Pittsburgh […]

Kansas State vs West Virginia

Hey now! The calendar reads October 1st and that can only mean one thing — the start of Big 12 play for the Mountaineers of West of Virginia. With Baylor the only other undefeated team in the Big 12, today’s matchup is as big as they come at this early point of the season for 3-0 WVU. […]

Steelers vs Eagles

You already know the story. Steelers defense vs a Rookie QB. Since 2004 Pittsburgh is 18-2 when facing a rookie QB with the only two losses coming against HOF bound Troy Smith and Brandon Weeden. If I were a betting man I’d say Carson Wentz will actually end up proving he knows how to throw […]

Game 3 is finally upon us with this week’s matchup taking place between the 1-2 BYU Cougars and 2-0 WVU Mountaineers. Annoyingly, the game will be taking place at FedEx field. Why? Who cares — there is no good reason for it. There is a saying that “stats don’t lie”. I’ve never believed that, but […]

Week 1 kicked off in a big way this past weekend, but the NFL saved the main event for tonight’s Steelers vs Redskins Monday Night matchup. Are you ready? I know am. Let’s get into what I expect to see from both sides of the ball. Let’s start with the defense since it’s the biggest wild card […]

Do we need a preamble to this week’s game? Maybe. I don’t want to take anything away from Youngstown State, but like the rest of the world I don’t have any idea what they’ll bring to the table tomorrow other than a strong history of winning in the lower divisions of college football. Good for them. […]

Missouri vs West Virginia

With the kickoff of WVU’s football season a mere 90 minutes away I think it’s about time I get my Week 1 prediction out of the way. So what do I know about the 2016 WVU Mountaineers? Not a whole lot. I know their offense should be solid, but that’s kind of been the case […]

There is Nothing Like Playoff Hockey

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images Of all the pastimes I’ve taken up in life watching sports is the one that’s earned the majority of my life’s clock. From the time I started participating myself if there was a game on TV you could find me watching. I can remember the buildup for the 1989 Fiesta Bowl in […]

The Pittsburgh Penguins Are Moving On

  I’ll be honest with you. The last few years being a Pens fan wasn’t the easiest. Yeah, they were winning in the regular season and annually making the playoffs but I expect a lot from this team. They’ve won a Cup before with some of the best young (at the time) talent in the league. Since that […]