Year 34

My Antidepressant

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This blog exists in large part because I’ve always wanted to write this post. It’s important to me. And because it’s important, I’ve always held off writing because I  find it incredibly difficult to say what I want when I’m talking about something that means so much. In this case it’s not a something I […]


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” -Leonardo Da Vinci During my time as a guy with a blog who types words for random people to read, I’ve referenced Da Vinci’s quote approximately 164 times. Why? Because it’s the only quote I know (not true), but also because I’m consistently reminded of its validity in my day […]


On December 30th, 2016 my pup Beano passed away. I want to talk about him. Throughout the course of my life I’ve had different people tell me that they would never say out loud that they love a pet. They would admit to caring deeply for an animal, but love…that was for humans. Well, I […]


Insert Obvious Statement here I think it’s safe to say that no matter where your political alliances lie the tenor of discourse leading up to and following the election generally amounts to a great big pile of shiitake mushrooms — buried under a great big pile of shit. The candidates were disgraceful, members of congress were […]

Earlier today I sent a couple of texts to my sister and wife expressing to them that I found myself in a place where there was so much that I wanted to say but couldn’t convince myself to actually write. In one sense, I didn’t want to say anything before I’d had long enough to digest everything […]

The other day when news of Alton Sterling’s death at the hands of a cop in Louisiana started  to cross my path I took a look at the headline and quickly scrolled past the articles as fast as they appeared. I wasn’t in the mood to put myself in the position of watching a video […]

Hey there, my name is Douglas. In a previous life I wrote on this blog with great frequency. And then more than a month passed with nothing produced by my fingertips. I have a good excuse for that. I bought a house and then moved my belongings, a dog, and a couple living human bodies […]


I’ve never been a casual listener of music. Try as I might, listening to music for the sake of hearing sound has never done it for me. Even as far back as fourth grade I can distinctly remember sitting at our dining room listening to Color Me Badd and recording specific songs on to blank […]

What If Your Next Status Update Were Your Last?

Social media, while feeling like it’s forever been a part of our lives, is something that’s still a relatively new part of the human experience. On the surface it seems like a benign past time where you share a thought, hit post, and then go about your life never to think about said topic again. And lot […]