Early 2016 Pittsburgh Steelers Predictions

The NFL released the schedules for all 32 teams recently but we all know there’s only one team’s season that actually matters. That’s why I’m going to bust out my early predictions for the Pittsburgh Steelers 2016 season. My predictions will be limited to a simple W/L and maybe a little blurb about the matchup. I don’t see a point in predicting the score of a Week 15 game a year before the game is played.


  • Week 1 –  @Washington
    • Prediction – Steelers W – I know Washington was a playoff team this past year and their QB situation has improved but it’s still Washington. The Steelers have high expectations and will want to come out of the gates fast. Plus it’s a Monday night game where they rarely let us down.
  • Week 2 –  Cincy
    • Prediction – Steelers L – What? Look, Cincy has way more motivation to win this game than the Steelers do after their playoff debacle. I don’t expect them to roll over Pittsburgh by any means, but they’ll win a close one and pretend that this game makes up for something.
  • Week 3-   @Philly
    • Prediction – Steelers W – It’s Philly and their roster blows.
  • Week 4-   KC
    • Steelers W – This is simple. Pittsburgh won’t be sleeping on KC after getting bumped off in 2015. If you’re a betting man, this game right here is the lock of the season.
  • Week 5 –  NY Jets
    • Prediction – Steelers W
  • Week 6-   @Miami
    • Prediction – Steelers W
  • Week 7-    New England
    • Prediction – Steelers L – I don’t see a way for Pittsburgh to get through Week 5-7 without at least one loss. The Jets are solid, Miami can surprise anyone on a given week, and NE is NE with a long history of getting the best of the Steelers. I’m playing it safe and taking the easy way out by going with a NE defeat.
  • Week 8-    Bye
  • Week 9-   @Baltimore
    • Prediction – Steelers W – It happens, but it’s rare that a team sweeps the season series. I’m taking Pittsburgh to get their share of the split coming off a bye week.
  • Week 10 – Dallas
    • Prediction – Steelers W – You never can predict what a Dallas team is going to look like, but I’m taking the home team who will be looking to protect homefield before a stretch of four road games in five weeks.
  • Week 11 – @Cleveland
    • Prediction – Steelers W – They suck.
  • Week 12 – @Indy
    • Prediction – Steelers L – Don’t let last year fool you. Andrew Luck can play and the Colts will be back. Colts grab one in the dome.
  • Week 13 – NY Giants
    • Prediction – Steelers W
  • Week 14 – @Buffalo
    • Prediction – Steelers L – I think Buffalo sneaks out a win a week before the big Cincy rematch.
  • Week 15 – @Cincy
    • Prediction – Steelers W – Because Cincy sucks.
  • Week 16 – Baltimore
    • Prediction – Steelers L – But Baltimore sucks.
  • Week 17 – Cleveland
    • Prediction – Steelers W – They suck.

Final Record: 11-5 

I’m too lazy to predict a record for the rest of the teams in the division, but 11-5 should be good enough for a Wildcard slot at minimum.  I’m bullish, though, and I’m saying here now that Pittsburgh will be the AFC North Division Champs. Where are you at with the 2016 Steelers?


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