You’ve got moxie, kid.

A couple of little blog announcements before we begin today’s sermon. If you’ve enjoyed any part of this blog please sign up on the right to have all of the posts delivered by e-mail. All you need to do is type in your e-mail address and click a little verification link delivered to your inbox and you’re good to go. The second I publish a post, boom, you’ve got it in your inbox and you never have to worry about missing something. I know how hard it can be wondering when the next one is coming! The other little announcement isn’t so much an announcement as much as a request to follow me on Instagram. I’ve had an account for three or four years, but I’m only now getting around to using it. That’ll be the place I push any cool pics I take whilst walking around with my phone. You can get to my account by finding the Instagram emblem right underneath where you’ll be signing up for e-mail delivery. Enough with the announcement — on to the sermon we go. Please open your hymnals to page 275 where we’ll be singing the first two verses of Sisqo’s ‘Thong Song’.

Actually, I have no idea where this post is going because how can you know where you’re going when you’re not even sure where you’ll start? All I know is that I’ve got a few hours blocked out for adult obligations in a bit and then another few scheduled to watch hockey. That means I’ve got a lot of writing to do in a short amount of time if I want to keep my consecutive days streak alive. If my math is correct, today marks two consecutive weeks. Not to brag, but I’m impressed with my moxie. I’m usually not very good at keeping promises I make with myself.

I guess one of the things I’d like to say  while I have your attention is thank you for the positive reception with this new blog. A lot of people are really enjoying the Letters going back and forth between my sister and I. Ultimately, those are the kinds of things I’ll be looking to mold this blog around as I move into the future. I like taking a look at the things that interest me outside of writing and then adding my own herbs and spices to make the recipe my own. I also like pronouncing the word herb with a hard H. My goal is to get far enough ahead of the game that I won’t always be writing my posts the day they go up so that I can really spend some time getting deeper into certain topics. There’s always missed opportunities to really flesh out an idea and say everything you want to say when you’re rushing just to meet a self imposed deadline. Unfortunately, at least in the short term I don’t know how much of an opportunity I’ll have to get ahead. But thems da breaks right now and I’ll just have to do the best I can with the time I can set aside. Maybe I could be a little more productive late at night and start typing instead of watching YouTube — but those videos about farts and crap aren’t going to watch themselves.

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    Very disappointed by this. Youtube's unique size and pre-eminence as a short video distribution channel gives it the leverage to refuse to artificially segment the internet into geographic markets. Viewers outside the US (a potential market orders of magnitude larger than the US) constantly run into these arbitrary licensing restrictions. They've become a defacto DRM for web video. I'd urge Youtube not to go down this road, which frustrates users, and normalises the concept of gelalgphicaroy specific censorship.

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