My Life Is Very Important and You Come Second

Over the past few months I’ve found myself reading biographies on people that lived well before modern times. One of the things that struck me as particularly interesting was the way writers went about gathering information on their subjects. There were no TV interviews to watch, no documents left behind on the internet, and no living relatives to interview. The best way to learn about the subjects was through the letters they left behind.

Because fame is right around the corner for me and biographies on my life will be in great demand 100 years from now, I thought that leaving behind a trail of letters (digital though they may be) sounded like a great idea. In my opinion, letters are the most illuminating form of communication we have and the idea of experimenting with that was too intriguing to pass over. My younger sister, Lauren, will be participating in an ongoing letter share with me. Where it goes and what we learn about one another I have no idea. Follow along and find out with us.



Forgive me for not writing you for so long. It’s just that my life is very important and buying a couch and stuff is way more interesting than talking to you. But really, I just got lazy after awhile and couldn’t find the discipline to sit down and write. It won’t happen again until the next time.

So now that Jonathan is officially overseas how does it feel? Does it feel better counting down to the end as opposed to the beginning? I hope so. I think about all of you guys regularly and hope everyone is doing okay. I’m sure the kids make it a little less so, but is it boring without Jonathan around? I know when I’m home without Deana I have trouble entertaining myself. I’ll literally walk around the house in circles looking for something to do or snacking more in 10 minutes than I do in an entire week. It’s hard to feel settled without that presence. I’ll waste all day doing nothing without her and then as soon as she’s home I finally feel like I can wander to the basement and start doing my Douglas stuff.

We are looking forward to seeing the kids this weekend. Kennywood and The BFG should be a good time. Did you get Emma the first Lemony Snickett book? Remember I’m bringing the second and third volume for her? She probably won’t know what to do when I hand her a book that’s not Dr. Seuss.  Is Nolie Olie Olie as into books as Emma? He seems like a movie guy for sure.

I think today’s letter is going to end up being kind of short. As busy as I’ve been, I haven’t been busy with anything exciting — unless you want to hear about the time we looked at end tables on wayfair and then didn’t make a decision about buying them.

Hope you’re doing well and sorry for not writing lately,


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