My Sister: She Responds

Over the past few months I’ve found myself reading biographies on people that lived well before modern times. One of the things that struck me as particularly interesting was the way writers went about gathering information on their subjects. There were no TV interviews to watch, no documents left behind on the internet, and no living relatives to interview. The best way to learn about the subjects was through the letters they left behind.

Because fame is right around the corner for me and biographies on my life will be in great demand 100 years from now, I thought that leaving behind a trail of letters (digital though they may be) sounded like a great idea. In my opinion, letters are the most illuminating form of communication we have and the idea of experimenting with that was too intriguing to pass over. My younger sister, Lauren, will be participating in an ongoing letter share with me. Where it goes and what we learn about one another I have no idea. Follow along and find out with us.


Dear Douglas,

It’s so odd to sit at a computer and actually write a letter. I’m used to sending short messages about a moment in time that was funny or sad….not having to sit and think about writing something that actually has some substance.

To answer your question about birthdays, I don’t normally do anything big. I’m not a fan of being the center of attention. Ask me that question when I was in high school and the response would have been totally different. I loved being the center of attention then! Since Jonathan was away this year, my day started with Nolan signing me Happy Birthday and ended with going out to dinner with the kids, dad, and Susie. It was nice. It would’ve been nice to see Jonathan though. I know what you mean about hearing Nolan sing being the best part of your day. I hope I never forget how he sings Birthday. Something with his “R” is just too cute.

I had to really sit and think about when I thought of you as my friend. There was really never a difference for me. Being a mom, I can sit and see the love and admiration that Nolan has for Emma. It might be the way all younger siblings look up to their older siblings. I’ve felt the same way towards you since I can remember. You were always so good and so nice. When I think back on being younger, I don’t remember being annoyed at the dinner table. I remember you making me laugh…..the way you can still make me laugh.

Have you always thought of Matt as your friend? How does your relationship with him differ from your relationship with me? I have always felt protective of Matt. I don’t know why. I’m only 14 months older than him but he will always be my “little” brother. I remember being nervous to watch him race or play football. I remember fighting back tears when he did something great the same way I fight back tears when Emma or Nolan do something great. Is it the same for you?

I’ll talk to you soon.