Steelers vs Redskins- Week 1 Prediction

Week 1 kicked off in a big way this past weekend, but the NFL saved the main event for tonight’s Steelers vs Redskins Monday Night matchup. Are you ready? I know am. Let’s get into what I expect to see from both sides of the ball.


Let’s start with the defense since it’s the biggest wild card of this Steelers team. I think you’re going to see a lot of what we saw last year. The defense is going to give up big plays. They’re going to give up a TD here and there, but they’ll employ a bend but don’t break philosophy that allows the offense to shoulder the burden and get a win. I expect Jordan Reed to torture our LB’s with his receiving skills and I expect Pierre Garcon will look like his old self for a week and move the chains as well. The Redskins running game should be held somewhat in check, and while Washington will undoubtedly put points on the board, you can expect the Steelers defensive pressure to disrupt their flow just enough to cause a few turnovers and keep the Redskins faithful wondering if Kurt Cousins really deserves the big pay raise he’s seeking. Long story short, the Steelers defense will show up when they need it the most.

On the offensive side we know what we’re getting. Quick cuts from D Williams on the ground and a fast paced run and gun performance through the air. This offense is all about Ben and AB’s chemistry and nobody, not even Josh Norman, can do a thing about it.

That said, despite the fact I predict they’ll move the ball with some ease, Pittsburgh never truly starts rolling in regards to putting points on the board until about the fourth or fifth game of the season. For that reason I’m going with Steelers in a bit of a low scoring affair 23-19.

If you’re interested in reading the full season preview I wrote a few months ago, you can find it here.

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