With Great News Comes Great Stress

I may not sleep much tonight.

You know those goals I laid out last week? Today we took a major step towards completing one of them. I’ll share more when I can share more (I probably can share now I’m just weird and don’t wan to jinx anything), but I’ve felt all kinds of emotions today. There is the happiness upon learning the good news, stress knowing what’s waiting for us in the coming weeks, and anxiety over the unknown. I don’t do well the unknown, but I’m hoping this post will serve as a tool for officially collecting myself and keeping it all together.

When I get stressed, I get emotional, and when I get emotional I have tendency to either make a decision without listening to anyone else or I shut down the lines of communication and avoid dealing with the situation until there’s absolutely no choice. The coming weeks aren’t going to be a good time for that kind of behavior so I have to remember to maintain my cool and make the best decisions possible with Deana by my side. We always work well together when we’re on the same wavelength and rather than us starting out on two ends of the spectrum my hope is that we can keep an understanding throughout the process laid out in front of us.

The stress and chaos we’re headed for is temporary. Let’s embrace it, enjoy the ride, and come out happier on the other side.