Let’s Go somewhere I won’t Need a Shirt

Over the past few months I’ve found myself reading biographies on people that lived well before modern times. One of the things that struck me as particularly interesting was the way writers went about gathering information on their subjects. There were no TV interviews to watch, no documents left behind on the internet, and no living relatives to interview. The best way to learn about the subjects was through the letters they left behind.

Because fame is right around the corner for me and biographies on my life will be in great demand 100 years from now, I thought that leaving behind a trail of letters (digital though they may be) sounded like a great idea. In my opinion, letters are the most illuminating form of communication we have and the idea of experimenting with that was too intriguing to pass over. My younger sister, Lauren, will be participating in an ongoing letter share with me. Where it goes and what we learn about one another I have no idea. Follow along and find out with us.



Are you feeling good today after the Pens forced their way into the Eastern Conference Finals? I know I am. I’d love to film myself during crunch time of a hockey playoff game and have my vitals measured. I’m all over the place, face twitching, holding my breath, clapping my hands, punching my hands, cussing, laying down, sitting up, leaning forward. It’s no wonder Deana runs away as soon as the games start. But it’s one of the few things I can zone in on without having a million other thoughts floating around so I say it’s worth it.

If I were a betting man, and I’m not unless you consider fantasy football betting, I’d say your kids are going to do well while Jonathan is gone. Kids are in the moment creatures and as long as they are busy I think it will help the time pass faster. Knowing you share my tendency to worry and dwell on things you should be careful to look out for yourself too. Talk when you need to talk and don’t over extend yourself. I’d imagine it’s natural to put the baby blondes first, but try to keep a balance so everything doesn’t build up and flow over. You’ve got a lot of people who want to help you so take advantage.

I have to say, these letters are my favorite part of the the blog so far. It’s fun to keep up to date with you. Plus, I don’t know anywhere else where you can see inside someone’s relationship quite like this. When we first started I thought I might want to hold back a little bit, but it hasn’t been that way. Blogging and social media is funny though. It’s easy to think you know what makes someone tick based off a post, letter, or status but you really don’t. I feel like I share a lot about myself and it definitely paints a picture, but there’s so much I think about writing and never do because I’m not ready to make it public. I can’t wait until I have a little more free time to really put some extra thought into this blog though. I got off to a good start, but with everything going on I haven’t been able to really sit down and dedicate more than a half hour or hour a day to the cause.

I want to go to Kennywood sometime this summer so we should plan a day for that. Is Emma big enough to ride real rides yet? And if she is, would she? I think that’d be a fun day, but I ain’t trying to stay in kiddyland all day you know what I’m saying? Idewild wouldn’t be bad either. I haven’t been to a waterpark in ages my body demands to be seen shirtless in public.

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