Year: 34, Planet: Earth

April 5th, 2016. Mark it down for it is the day that I, Douglas Smiley, turned 34 and started this blog. It’s also the day I ate Lime Fage Total for breakfast and spent the rest of the morning starving. The things you do so you don’t feel guilty eating birthday cake later in the day. Just kidding, we didn’t have anything else to eat.


Now if you know me at all, you’re probably sitting in your comfortable chair thinking “Damn, another blog from this guy? How many does one person need?” And my answer to you in the past would have been eight hundred thousand, fourteen billion, with a one on the end. But that was before I learned to read long numbers and well before I had a writing epiphany.

Pro Bloggers will tell you that you should have a theme and consistency in order to build an audience. I’ve listened and created beer and food blogs, sports, pop culture, writing, and personal blogs. And I’ve lost interest in every one. It’s not that I’ve lost interest in sports, beer or writing. I just burn out working within a specific set of confines for an extended period of time. I don’t have a beautiful mind like Lebron James and I’m not a creative genius like Kanye West,  but I don’t work well inside boxes. I need diversity and I need to write.

This blog is my last, best hope at building something that is definitively me. I’ll write what I want to write, when I want to write. It’s not going to be about anything. It’s going to be about everything.  No longer will you find me writing to build an audience. I’m writing to grow myself and because all I want in my old age is to express myself creatively, even if all it amounts to is a shout in the void.


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    I’m all in, man. Love “It’s not going to be about anything. It’s going to be about everything.” Can’t wait to read more!

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