Youngstown State vs West Virginia


Do we need a preamble to this week’s game? Maybe. I don’t want to take anything away from Youngstown State, but like the rest of the world I don’t have any idea what they’ll bring to the table tomorrow other than a strong history of winning in the lower divisions of college football. Good for them. I don’t care.

What I care about is seeing the Mountaineer football team continuing to grow as they head into Big 12 play.

On the offensive side, I need to see Skyler Howard make smart decisions. I want to see him run less and complete tough third down throws in the middle of the field. WVU fans would like to see who is going to step into the third and fourth WR role and make plays consistently from week to week. Let’s see the Mountaineers use this week to figure that out. The running game should continue to be the strong suit. But most importantly, I want to see some big plays being made. I like a 20 yard game gain as much as the next guy, but WVU hasn’t had an explosive offensive player capable of taking it to the house from anywhere on the field in quite awhile. I’d like to see that start to change.

On the defensive side, it’s really simple. Pressure the QB. Stop the Run. Don’t get beat deep. If it sounds basic, that’s because it is. That’s all any defense anywhere needs to do, but never moreso than at the beginning of the year when you have an opportunity to tighten things up against a smaller opponent like Youngstown State. Come out prepared and shut this team down.

Prediction for Week 2:

WVU 38 Youngstown State 13


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